The following will apply to all Tabs-in Play, Practice, when playing Club Championships and on
Sponsored Days.

FOOTWEAR : – Only acceptable flat soled shoes may be worn.
                             – Acceptable flat soled sandals may be worn.
SOCKS :           – Any colour, any length.
BOTTOMS :      Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
                              – Smart casual.
                             Wednesday, Saturday
                             – Navy or White tailored shorts, three quarter or full length trousers.
                             – No jeans, tracksuit pants or running type shorts.

 TOPS  :            Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
                            – Smart casual but must have a collar.
                           Wednesday, Saturday
                           – Club Shirts or Navy or White. Coloured shirts may be worn.

It is expected that all members and visitors shall at all times be dressed in a manner suitable to the club.

The following will NOT be permitted:
– Tee-shirts
– Ripped, torn or frayed clothing
– Provocative clothing
– Political, religious or offensive sloganeering on clothing
– Swimwear

The selectors with the approval of the committee may change these regulations from time to time.
Western Province Competitions
The Western Province Bowls Association rules shall apply.
The Committee strongly urges members to play all WPBA competitions wearing the new club shirt
and show their pride in the club.

The Committee 2016/2017