Coaching is available to all members and prospective members.

It is recommended that all new none bowlers undertake a coaching course

Here they will learn the fundamentals as well as the etiquette

In General coaching is arranged directly with the coach, and takes place normally on Tuesday, Thursday and

Friday afternoons and also on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Actual times are arranged directly with the coach

The cost of coaching is R60.00 which is deducted from your 1st year’s subs when you join the club.

It is not important to have the correct clothing to start with, but one must have flat soled shoes and a shirt with a collar, for further information on dress codes please see under ‘About Us’ Dress Code


The following coaches are available


Gillian Carliell               083 994 0850

Dot Pickett                    083 455 4930

Lydia Van Rooyen       082 775 3916