Practice Arrangements

Practice is only permitted on allocated greens and rinks not required for WP competitions, tabs play, club competitions or coaching

Person practicing maybe required to stop and give up the rink should it be required for any of the above


Practice Days

Practicing may take place on Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday afternoons, as well as on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Practice shall take place in the same direction as for tabs play.


Practice times

Between 3pm and 4pm

No more than TWO players may practice on one rink

The restriction on the number of players per rink is to prevent arranged games being played under the guise of practicing and thus undermining tabs play.

From 4 pm onwards

There is no restriction to the number of players per rink

Practicing is to stop according to the time indicated on the white notice board

This time will vary according to the instructions of the Green-Ranger

This time is to be checked before practice commences

(Should no time be stated on the notice board, no finishing time shall apply)

Please note that the last person to finish practicing must ensure that all the mats and other items are stored and the store room is locked