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  • 1. Does the club provide coaching?

    Yes, the club has various qualified coaches that can assist you

  • 2. What is the cost of coaching?

    The cost is R60.00 (subject to change without notice) and this is deducted from your entrance fee when you join the club

  • 3. Must I join the club and pay the full fee before I can be coached?

    No, only the coaching fee will be payable. You apply for membership once you are deemed ready to play

  • 4. Can coaching be provided after 5 o'clock to cater for working people

    Coaching arrangements are generally made directly with the coach and they are willing to assist where needed

  • 5. Who decides whether and when I am ready to play

    The decision is made by your coach

  • 6. Where can I find out about what's on at the club

    There are notice boards in the club house that show all the required information

  • 7. I'd like to try out bowls without commiting myself, can I do this?

    The easiest way is to come and play 'Action Bowls' Click here for more informations

  • 8. Does the club provide bowls for coaching?

    Yes, the club has a selection of bowls available for both Action Bowls and coaching

  • 9. How do I get to start playing bowls?

    Either you can try Action Bowls and/or arrange for coaching

  • 10. Can social members play bowls?

    Playing bowls is strictly for fully paid up playing members

  • 11. What age group of people play bowls?

    Bowls is played by people of all ages. Western Province  also arranges competitions for under 19's, 25's and under 45's

  • 12. Once a member what will a game of bowls cost me?

    Playing tabs-in(social bowls) at Durbanville will cost you nothing as this is included in the yearly fees. Playing tabs-in at other clubs varies from about R10.00 to R30.00 per game